It's All About The Last 10%

As food people who are driven to excel, we understand that companies in all industries complete 90% of the task, but forget about the last 10%. It's that last 10% that revolves around being on-time, on-budget, attentive to details, and most importantly how we handle the customer. Our team is well-versed not only in catering and hospitality, but are also experts at taking care of the customer. We 're foodies just like you, and our carefully thought-out dishes are sure to please. Tasty Table Catering is devoted to exceptional presentation for any occasion.

Our vision for your event begins with understanding YOUR vision, no matter how simple or complicate that may be. We're able to work directly with your needs and help you provide the experience you want your guests to walk away remembering. It could be our uniquely crafted dishes, it could be the time-test recipes, or it could even be our professional staff on-site and off. But when you 're working with Tasty Table Catering, we're guaranteed to deliver a knockout culinary experience every time.

Our History

With a single sheet of paper and a handful of homemade potato chips, George McLoughlin founded Meridith's Catering in 2004. Learning the in's and out's of the business, Meridith's established a reputation for great service and even better food. The company eventually changed its name to Tasty Table Catering to better represent the desire of the company: Tasty food, right to your table. Fast forward to 2017, and McLoughlin and his team of culinary professionals deliver great food across 13+ cities surrounding their home office in Berwyn, PA.

With over 50 different corporate catering packages, 5+ elegant-yet-affordable wedding packages, and an endless assortment of social event menus, Tasty Table Catering is able to handle any and all events. Our team is able to work with our clients to best fit their needs, while never sacrificing quality or value. The food is guaranteed fresh, delicious and on-time. Dietary restrictions and health risks are handled with absolute dedication. Our customers are always coming back because of not just the aforementioned, but also because of our courteous and professional staff. We care about exceptional service, and your decision to order from Tasty Table Catering is proof that you do, too.