Mini Upscale Sandwiches
$15.75 per person
An assortment of slider sandwiches: Beef SliderBeef with horseradish mayo a...
Authentic Fajita Bar
$14.25 per person
Grilled Flank Steak or Chicken Breast in a "Build your own" Fajita Bar served...
Hoagies Done Right!!
$13.75 per person
Hoagies built on Jersey seeded rolls piled high:  Italian, Turkey, Tuna and R...
Top Seller
Customize Your Sandwich Platter
$14.25 per person
We here at Tasty Table realize that each company has unique personalities whi...
Philly Cheesesteak
$13.75 per person
Your choice of beef or chicken served with mushrooms, onions, peppers, ketchu...
Tasty's Bag Lunch
$13.95 per person
This package allows you to specify the quantity of what your attendees are lo...
Build Your Own Salad Bar
$14.95 per person
Build Your Own Salads Bar (Minimum of 15 people) A mix of field greens and ro...
The Breakfast Sandwich
$5.99 per person
Scrambled eggs piled high with alternating topping of bacon/sausage/plain wit...
Pulled Pork Luncheon
$13.00 per person
Pulled pork luncheon with coleslaw, your choice of Salad and homemade potato ...
Cobb Salad Package
$14.50 per person
Fresh salads made of romaine leaf lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, grilled c...
Harvest Salad w/ Chicken
$14.95 per person
Field greens, cran raisins, walnuts, sliced apples, goat cheese and our champ...
It's a Wrap
$14.25 per person
An assortment of wraps: Southwest Chicken WrapMarinated Grilled Strips of C...
Holiday Sandwich Package #2
$18.95 per person
Holiday themed selection of sandwiches and wraps - with vegetarian options to...
Tasty Sandwich Package #2
$14.25 per person
Assortment of sandwiches: Ultimate Chicken SaladLeBus Raisin Walnut Bread w...
Boar's Head Sandwiches
$14.25 per person
Assortment of sandwiches: Boar's Head Roast Beef SpecialLeBus Onion Roll w/...
BYO Holiday Package #3
$14.25 per person
Holiday themed customizable sandwich package. Like the normal customizable pa...
Tasty Sandwich Package #3
$14.25 per person
An assortment of sandwiches: Chicken Cutlet BLTChicken Cutlet BLT w/ Mayo o...
Holiday Sandwich Package #1
$18.95 per person
Holiday themed selection of sandwiches and wraps - with vegetarian options to...
Chicken Cobb Salad
$14.00 per person
chicken, bacon, avocado with vinaigrette dressing
Italian Hoagie
$8.50 per person
Salami, capicola, ham, provolone, and romaine on a sesame seeded roll.
Southwest Chicken Wrap
$8.50 per person
Grilled Chicken strips w/ Black Bean Corn Salsa, Monterey Jack Cheddar, Lettu...
Cheeseburgers & Hot Dogs
$15.95 per person
Cheeseburgers and hot dogs with potato salad and coleslaw. Comes with a garde...