Oops, I really need these at Two!  Forget to add on something, or forget to order your lunch or breakfast for today?  Call us to see what we can do to help!
Artisan Cheeses, Hummus, Pita, Crackers Energizer
$8.99 per person
Assortment of artisan cheeses, crackers, crostini, hummus, pita triangles, fr...
Assorted Soda, Iced Tea, Bottle Water
$2.49 per person
Assortment of Iced Teas, Soda and Bottle Water for your guests.
Assortment of Brownies and Cookies
$2.49 per person
An assorted tray of delicious brownies and cookies. Everyone's favorite fresh...
Bottled Water
$2.49 per person
Bottled Water
Hummus and Pita
$3.50 per person
Try our freshly baked pita triangles with homemade hummus today! They're a de...
Philly Soft Pretzel and Candy
$3.99 per person
Enjoy these classic Philly soft pretzels with candy on the side. A wonderful ...
Regular Coffee
$2.49 per person
fresh brewed coffee
Seasonal Fruit Salad
$4.75 per person
Beautiful bowl of seasonal fruit and berries
Trail Mix and Granola Bars
$3.99 per person
Great tasting trail mix and bars