Wedding Reception Package
$29.75 per person
WEDDING RECEPTION MENU Minimum 50 Guest  COCKTAIL HOUR  Table Display of Chef...
Staffed Cocktail Party #1
$29.95 per person
2 HOUR COCKTAIL PARTY with staff (min 30 guests, increments of 10) Artisan Ch...
Seasonal Fruit Tray
$3.75 per person
Fresh seasonal fruit sliced and assorted on a beautiful display tray. A delic...
Assortment of Brownies and Cookies
$2.49 per person
An assorted tray of delicious brownies and cookies. Everyone's favorite fresh...
Hummus and Pita
$3.50 per person
Try our freshly baked pita triangles with homemade hummus today! They're a de...
Artisan Cheeses, Hummus, Pita, Crackers Energizer
$8.99 per person
Assortment of artisan cheeses, crackers, crostini, hummus, pita triangles, fr...
Trail Mix and Granola Bars
$3.99 per person
Great tasting trail mix and bars
Upscale Desserts
$5.95 per person
Chocolate covered strawberries, macaroons, mousse shooter, brownies, cookies....
Seasonal Fruit Salad
$4.75 per person
Beautiful bowl of seasonal fruit and berries
Philly Soft Pretzel and Candy
$3.99 per person
Enjoy these classic Philly soft pretzels with candy on the side. A wonderful ...
Macarons (Half Dozen)
$15.00 per person
Small circular cake delicacies, each with individual flavors. Can be customiz...
Full Sheet Cake
$180.00 per person
Delicious, fresh custom sheet cake. 4" high. Serves 75-80 guests. Your custom...
1/2 Sheet Cake
$89.00 per person
Delicious, fresh custom sheet cake. 4" high. Serves 35-40 guests. Your custom...
Super Bowl Party 2020
$19.99 per person
 Why spend your sports party cooking when you could be eating and watching...