You Can’t Beat the Little Guy

You Can’t Beat the Little Guy

Chris Riggs

Take a quick look at the search results on Google for the term “catering”. If you’re feeling specific, you can include a city name like “Philadelphia”. You’ll be bombarded with a lot of results, no surprise considering how many catering companies actually exist in a given area. Your options are limitless and unspecified at this point, but the first handful of results are typically paid ads from nationwide companies- think Qdoba Mexican Eats or Panera Bread. It comes as no surprise that these big, popular companies are usually first choices for quick events. Even I’m getting hungry just thinking about a Chipotle burrito. The point of this post isn’t to discredit their deliciousness, but to instead pay homage instead to the “little guy”– smaller, lesser-known catering companies that often get overlooked for all the wrong reasons.

We’ve tested out a handful of different catering packages from different places to see where we’re thriving and where we could use improvement, and in our delicious research we began to see where our services might be more desirable for a catered event with guests who desire compassion in their meals.Chef Chris with one of our custom trays.

Cost Effective & Realistic

For starters, a small business catering company will offer a more cost-effective assortment than your big box organization. A handful of these companies offer static prices, which come with a limited amount of selections that provide very little customization. If you desire personalized differences per product, the price of your package will grow significantly. By the time you’ve gotten everything you wanted, there’s potential to be above budget. This is where working with a private catering company one-on-one begins to come in handy.

Sure, you could show up to your work with a 12-pack of tacos from Taco Bell or a bucket or two of fried chicken from KFC, but there’s a good chance people in the group might not eat that, or even have a food allergy. By saving money, you’ve sacrificed quality and might have inadvertently removed a couple of your guests from enjoying your offering. With a smaller catering company, your budget is important to the company and there are always better options.

Wider Variety of Foods

It’s a shame to offer your guests foods they won’t enjoy, but what’s even worse is offering a catered package that lacks in variety. With sandwiches alone, we remedy this problem by offering 10 different packages full of variety. An assortment of sandwiches to us can range from a mouth-watering grilled filet mignon sandwich with applewood smoked bacon to the vegan-friendly (and incredibly delicious) portable mushroom and veggie wrap. As for hot entrees, Tasty Table Catering will always accommodate vegan or vegetarian guests, kosher requirements as well as those prone to a food allergy. A lot of bigger brand catering doesn’t have or make the effort to appeal to cater to specifics, and leave you left to ordering simple variety pack versions of their usual offerings.

Special Attention to Detail

As stated before, despite offering “packages” of food platters, our goal is to please the customer any way we know how. Food allergies, vegan or vegetarian options and additional requests are always considered or accounted for. Foods that are spicy or full of strong flavor can be modified to benefit the taste buds of the customers. We can’t say the same for our competitors, which is why we consider it a perk.

We’ve sampled a variety of different big name catering programs to see what works and what doesn’t work. An order of burritos we received from a particular well-known franchise were an absolute disappointment when we saw how little effort was put into them. Sure, it’s easy to spoon a couple of ingredients into a tortilla, but when the proportions are off and the food is dry, what are you really even paying for? In our opinion, it doesn’t hurt to put that extra effort in. While these companies might not be focused on repeat business, independent catering companies rely on it.

Your Business is Everything

It is always our hope that our customers are satisfied, and want to use our services over and over again. The best way we can do this is by providing excellent service every single time. We make guarantees on our timeliness, our professional atmosphere, and that the food is always as hot (or cold) as you’d expect it to be. If we fail to meet our expectations, we’ll own up to our mistakes and take every step possible to remedy the situation for the client and for ourselves. We will never argue through a complaint or make excuses, like we’ve seen other companies do to us in the past.

Unlike companies that tag on catering to make an extra profit, we rely on our catering capabilities to continue to grow as a company and to support our hardworking team. If we don’t pay attention to the details and present a product that we consider better than the rest, what’s the point? With a smaller, more centralized catering business, you’re getting the best with what you pay for. You’re getting an excellent meal for you and your guests, and for a price that puts big competitors to shame. Why not start shopping small with Tasty Table Catering?