The Versatility of Chicken Salad

The Versatility of Chicken Salad

Chris Riggs

Lunch reigns supreme in the Summer, as your lighter meals take precedence for their simplicity and sunny appeal. Growing up, this author found himself most often indulging in chicken salad – the recognizable mixture of chopped chicken and mayonnaise. As a kid it was simple, and could be modified simply to appeal to whatever my developing taste buds at the time. Back then, that usually meant sriracha or pickles (never together, mind you), but these days I’ve picked up a couple of different additions that really cultivate delicious flavor.

Tasty Table Catering offers a delicious chicken salad sandwich utilizing fresh ingredients and our choice additive- grapes. Paired with freshly diced (and seasoned!) chicken, fresh mayonnaise, and finely chopped celery and onion, it’s a great sandwich that’s sure to tantalize the taste buds. By inviting more unique ingredients, the flavor takes a completely new shape while still hanging on to that memorable chicken salad flavor. Here’s a handful of different recipes I’ve tried that have brought plenty of enjoyment during lunch or dinner time.

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This recipe, provided by Crunchy Creamy Sweet, turns the chicken salad into a healthy mixture with a ton of flavor. You can work out your own blend for the guacamole or just use a prefered brand.

Whole Tomatoes
Not feeling like eating your chicken salad with bread? Gluten-free explorers, this might be the right path for you! Hollowing out a whole tomato and tossing in the chicken salad provides a delicious food that’s both appetizing and visually appealing.

The Almond Eater blog created a paleo mango chicken salad sandwich recipe that is absolutely worth your time, especially if you’ve always wanted to sweeten up your chicken salad. Simply cook up your favorite chicken, create your blend of mayo, seasonings and finely-sliced vegetables, and complete wth mixture with sliced mango. The recipe subs in dairy-free yogurt over mayonnaise, so simply adjust the recipe to your preferred topping.

Now you know I had to find a chicken salad variant that used my favorite hot sauce! Simply Whisked took my sriracha idea and gave a measurement to how much you should add. Additionally, adding carrots, green onion and fresh cilantro, this recipe is my ideal chicken salad: Delicious and healthy, but with a kick!

Cranberries & Walnuts
If you’ve completely missed out on the summertime to enjoy some artisan chicken salad, we’ve got this traditional mixture to accommodate yourself with. Preferable in the fall due to the ingredients, designed a flavorful chicken salad that is seasonal and tasty. Simply adding toasted walnuts and sweet dried cranberries, and maybe some freshly sliced apples top top it off, you have a fall-friendly chicken salad recipe that you could even enjoy in the summer!