Sushi: A Beginner’s Guide

Sushi: A Beginner’s Guide

Chris Riggs

Some of you might be reading and thinking “sushi? Never had it!” or you might even find it a little unusual. It’s only recently become a trendy food among the American public and some people are still a little uncomfortable with the idea of eating “raw fish”. It definitely requires a little bit of getting used to. Fortunately for you, preparing your palate is much easier than you think.

Deciding Your First Roll

Having the wrong kind of sushi as your first tasting can turn you off from sushi forever. With such a huge assortment of different rolls and flavors, the possibilities are endless. For our readers, we’ll make the following suggestions:

  1. If you want to slowly wean your way into sushi, try a vegetarian roll! There’s an assortment of different kinds that have no meat or fish whatsoever. Tasty Table offers a Cucumber Veggie roll: Cucumber, carrots, and avocado in a seaweed and rice wrap.
  2. Not afraid of trying traditional sushi? Start with the California Roll. Our California Roll is comprised of crab meat, cucumber and avocado in the standard seaweed and rice wrap. The crab meat isn’t quite raw fish, but still demonstrates the intended flavor you find with most sushi.

If you find yourself experiencing sushi for the first time at a traditional sushi bar, a good suggestion is to ask the chef for their recommendation. They’re likely to recommend something standard that might be fresher or more of their specialty.

Getting Acquainted with Your Condiments

Once you’ve got your rolls picked out, you’ll be treated to what makes sushi so much fun to enjoy. Sushi typically comes with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce. Depending on how deep into the rabbit hole you’d like to go, most will traditionally dip in soy sauce, rub it a little bit of wasabi (spicy warning, this stuff can clear your sinuses!) and then follow up with a bit of ginger… but it’s all about personal preference!

People tend to enjoy wasabi to varying degrees, but most westerners enjoying sushi will rely on the soy sauce for added flavor. Ginger is provided so that it may cleanse your taste buds, something especially helpful when trying a variety of different rolls. Obviously this meal belongs to you, so if you choose to experiment further with different additives, like Old Bay seasoning or hot sauce, we’re not judging you!

How to Eat Your Sushi

Some people avoid the condiments altogether, while others use and abuse them. Likewise, if using chopsticks is a hassle, treating sushi rolls like a finger food is a traditional method that you shouldn’t feel bad about doing! In this case it’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination. This author has even used a fork, because I couldn’t work a pair of chopsticks to save my life. They might’ve not worked out for me, but they might for you! Recipe blog The Woks of Life has a great article that articulates how to use chopsticks correctly.

Consider the fact that everyone’s tastes are different, and you might not immediately find something that tastes appealing. However, if you remain curious and dedicated, you’re likely to find a variation that clicks with you. There are a variety of different websites and blog articles that further elaborate these topics for those interested, but the best advice one can offer you is to just try it yourself!

Our sushi chef station can be added to any order at $14.95 per person. Aside from your traditional condiments, this station also features pork dumplings and vegetable pot stickers. Sushi isn’t available on our online store yet, but contacting us directly is the best way to add it to your next event or private function! The rolls we currently offer include: California Roll, Dragon Roll, Salmon Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, & Cucumber Veggie Roll.