Reasons to Call Tasty Table in 2018

Reasons to Call Tasty Table in 2018

Chris Riggs

Tasty Table Catering - don't forget about us in 2018!As we make our way into 2018, we’re about to experience lots of change in a variety of different ways. Your company is about to encounter all sorts of change as it grows and diversifies its interests. People will come and go, business will rise and fall - all necessary changes. We can’t predict the future, but we hope we can predict who your go-to caterer will remain next year - and that’s Tasty Table Catering, of course!

As the holidays begin to calm down and your wallet starts to recover from all of those presents you bought for your friends and family, there’s still reasons to celebrate with your team in early 2018. The holidays might’ve died down, but we’ve still got plenty of reasons to celebrate!

Still thinking about the holiday season? If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to host a holiday party. With a busy holiday season, you might not have been able to host an event for your employees. Late or not, your employees will still enjoy the event and a different date doesn’t determine the change in company morale. They’ll still be excited to celebrate with their co-workers and you can be, too.

Our Hot Luncheons section has the perfect assortment of entrees for your guests. Plenty of great dishes like our fajita bar, chicken cacciatore and chicken marsala can be prepared and served just about anywhere. If earlier in the day works better, we've got a delicious breakfast casserole or buttermilk pancake package that's cheap and delicious. If you're keeping it brief, we've got plenty of hors d'ouevres (hot and cold) to offer that’re as filling as they are delicious. Just check out our corporate drop-off catering menu for more.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is January 15th, and is a federal holiday most businesses don’t close their doors for. The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq might, but most smaller businesses don’t see a benefit from doing so. This perhaps due to the business slowdown following the holiday season.

If you’re not looking to close your doors, another option might be to host a luncheon. Not only will this give your employees and incentive to enjoy the holiday while still at work, but you will be doing your part to display racial sensitivity and appreciate the importance of King’s social justice.

Tasty Table Catering - Host a Valentine's Day Luncheon with us!Another excuse to host a luncheon and raise company morale is Valentine’s Day, on February 14th. The holiday is notorious for an abundance of candy, desserts and gifts. Themed events increase company morale and are a pleasure for your employees. Those employees with children even get to take the candy and treats home! The holiday doesn’t have to be all about love and affection if food is involved. Show your employees how much you love them with a delicious meal.

We’re always growing as a company and trying new things, and in 2018 we’ll continue to cement this into our work ethic further. In addition to new employees, new clients and growing relationships, we’ll slowly be rolling out new menu items and deals for our clients! We’re talking new vegan and vegetarian options, different wedding packages to fit any audience, and sandwich combinations like you’ve never seen before! New customers won’t regret choosing us and returning customers will enjoy the changes.

We’re taking our old menu items and completely revolutionizing how we do them: Different breads and fixings to enhance flavors, replacements of fat-free and healthier alternatives, and access to fresher ingredients than ever before. Your old favorites will taste brand new! New menu items, like foreign dishes and trendy flavors, are sure to keep our clients’ mouths watering in 2018.

As always, we’ll always be better than the big box store and we’ll cater directly to your needs at the price you’re looking for. We want to be your go-to caterer in the Main Line and Philadelphia areas all next year… and why stop there? We want to be your go-to caterer forever.

Happy New Year!