Is Meal Prepping Right for You?

Is Meal Prepping Right for You?

Chris Riggs

We live in an era of society where we’re paying attention to our choices in foods more than ever. Surrounded by heaps of fast food vendors, people are beginning to see the negative aspects and health risks associated with this cheap, processed food. Unfortunately, time is money and some feel as though cooking is just too time-consuming for them to do consistently. So while stores like McDonald’s and Burger King stay in business, the internet is abuzz with new ways to both eat healthy and eat quickly. This is where meal prepping begins to come into play, a trendy new way to eat healthy and save time.

The simple act of preparing meals ahead of time can make a big difference to someone who is always on the run. Meals are made in bulk and then stored in the refrigerator to be eaten over the next couple of days. Typically, they’re packaged in multi-food plastic containers where portion control is easily monitored. The reason for doing so is to save time, eat healthier and save money… so why are people so on the fence about it?

If you’re indecisive about whether or not meal prepping could work for you, Tasty Table is here to give it to you straight: It’s not for everyone.

Some people enthusiastically start their meal planning but will quickly lose the drive after a short period of time. Initially, it’s fun and exciting, but then people get busy, stressed out or focused on something else. Some are looking at short-term goals and usually lose focus after it turns out to be a hassle rather than a satisfying experience. Other people absolutely love it, and follow their plan perfectly. So rather than discuss whether it’s a good or bad idea, we’ll discuss the good and the bad separately.

The Good

In the beginning, meal prepping is an exciting activity that you get to curate right from the beginning. By prepping your week’s meals, your cooking for the week is done in only a couple of hours. This will free up some extra time that you’d spend in front of your stove or sink preparing a meal. Additionally, your meals are curated by you personally and can be a healthy and quick option throughout the week when you’re busy. It’s also much more cost effective when you recognize how little you’ll be eating out or ordering more food. Since you won’t be eating fast food thanks to your pre-prepped meals, sticking to your particular nutritional goals and portion control is much easier. What doesn’t fit into your portions can always be frozen and saved for later, or on days where you might be a little hungrier than usual. Finally, once you do decide to eat out, perhaps for breakfast or dinner, you’ll enjoy the meal much more than you would normally. Those meals become more of a treat, and less of a daily ritual.

The Bad

On the other hand, meal prep can be a somewhat monotonous and boring task. Although you’re only cooking for one day, you’re still spending hours of your weekend (assuming you choose to cook your meals then) in the kitchen. This can be boring in itself, but what might be more boring is the fact that you’re eating the same meal everyday. Since a lot of foods don’t taste as good re-heated, you’ll stick to meals that freeze well and your options will become limited. Losing your creativity in the kitchen might make your experience less enjoyable over time. If you forget to eat your meals, or just don’t want to eat them, you’re going to end up with a whole lot of wasted food. You’ll also be using a lot of plastic containers, which might not be a big deal until you start losing the lids and recognizing how much additional dish washing you’ll be doing.

The Solution

If you can’t make a decision on whether or not to meal prep, maybe it’s just not the right move for you. It’s a time-consuming effort but could greatly benefit your diet and eating habits. There’s a lot to enjoy about it, but without customization it might not be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for good food and not interested in a quick workaround, the best advice we can give to you is to learn how to cook, and especially how to enjoy doing it! While we at Tasty Table can’t necessarily meal prep for you, you could always order a package from us and store the rest.. ?