How We Cater to Our Specialty Guests

How We Cater to Our Specialty Guests

Chris Riggs

Making sure a guest feels “catered” to is exactly the name of our game. We’re a catering company, and it’s our goal to appeal to an entire range of guests. It’s tough to cater to everyone’s needs when it comes to food allergies and dietary restrictions. Whether it’s a vegan wedding on the Main Line, or a gluten-free dessert tray for a company in Philadelphia, we’re ready to deliver exquisite and enjoyable meals regardless of guest requirements.

When planning your own event, being a great host might not be as easy as it once seemed. Our job as your caterer is to meet these expectations and exceed them with flying colors. As more and more people are discovering and being diagnosed with these sensitivities, it’s important to take note of them when placing a catering order. Tasty Table is happy to accommodate your vegetarian and vegan friends, those with gluten or lactose intolerance, or kosher or halal guests!

Our expertise comes from doing this thousands of times before, always handling these food restrictions with extreme attention. It’s always a question during a client consultation, and we never charge extra. We’ve been able to experiment and alter our recipes to fit tastes, and when we can’t we’ll provide options to satisfy those guests in some way, shape or form.

The most common issue that’s been popping up as of late is gluten intolerance. Because of this, most of our food comes prepared with gluten allergies already in mind. Gluten free options are typically our first pick, however it is still important to specify with us, just in case. For vegans or vegetarians, we’ve also got solutions for them as well! At no extra charge, we can alter a large order to feature vegetarian and vegan options in numbers specified for the client. If your main entree is steak or chicken, we can easily prepare meat-free dishes at no additional fee. While the majority of your guests enjoy a lasagna, we’ve got a delicious veggie lasagna for those specialty eaters.

We’re looking to do the best we can to help our clients out, no matter which preparation specification you’re seeking.

  • Vegan or vegetarian dishes
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free dishes
  • Kosher or halal dishes
  • Low-salt or seasoning-free dishes

No matter what it is, we’ll find an appropriate solution for you and your guests. All you’ve got to do is contact us, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll knock it out of the park for you, every time. Contact us today to start booking your next out-of-the-park event!