Host a Holiday Party with Tasty Table!

Host a Holiday Party with Tasty Table!

Chris Riggs
Tomorrow is December 1st, and man are we surprised to see that date already!

The holiday season is a little closer than right around the corner, and it's time for annual holiday parties, corporate events and festivities!

Do you have a caterer in mind for your next event? Fear not, Tasty Table Catering is dedicated to providing the best food Main Line has to offer. Whether you're in downtown Philadelphia or in the surrounding suburban area, Tasty Table Catering hopes to see our customers coming together to celebrate great company with great food.

Tasty Table Catering - choose us for 2018!Planning your annual company party gives you a variety of opportunities to spread holiday cheer. Our expert planners can help you to find the perfect setup for your next event, and can help you to de-stress your efforts from start to finish. They're also an excellent opportunity to reward your employees for a job well done this year. Boost company morale and increase camaraderie over a delicious themed meal, catered by us. What has helped us score a good review one after the other? It must be our delicious food and attention to detail.

With your collaboration, we'll guide you through a simple, stress-free planning process for your event. Whether you want to host your event at your office, at a family home, or in one of our handpicked venues, hosting a party with us is always a rewarding experience. All you have to do to get started is give us a call. We'll determine the perfect party date and time with you. We can decide whether or not you need a fully-staffed event or drop-off catering service based on your guest count. Our expert planners will work to make sure that you've got enough food for your guests. Unsure of how to step the party up? We can help you there too. We'll give you suggestions for great appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, desserts and cocktails. Once the details are finalized, you'll be thankful you chose us.

Our online shop has a section dedicated to our 2017 Holiday Menu - tons of delicious packages sure to please and excite your guests. For $29.95 per person, we've got a delicious 2 hour staffed cocktail party. Enjoy artisan cheeses, crudites and seasonal fruit, bruschetta and hummus, skewers of all shapes and sizes and so much more. Everything comes to your event delivered fresh, tasty and with disposable or china linens based on preference. Looking for something cheaper? We also have a drop-off holiday brunch package - egg casserole, country ham, fresh baked cinnamon rolls and fruit ambrosia. Only $13.95 per person! That's only 2 of the 7 packages offered on our website right now - with more always being added! It's our goal to serve the best bang for your buck, so staying tuned to good deals from us always guarantees success!

So how important are holiday parties for company morale? According to ZipRecruiter, they're a big deal. They build on your company culture, provide opportunities for team members to mingle and collaborate, and allow you to get to know them better as well. "It’s typical for most employees to work with the same group of people in their department for the majority of their workdays, so the party can help to expand their perspective on the business as a whole." Check out their article for more useful information on the benefits of a holiday party.

The most important tip of advice is to make your party fit your business and your employees. If you can't afford a big, expansive party, we've got the packages for that. If the party is inclusive for family or a significant other, provide opportunities for these extra people to enjoy themselves as well. Adding things like activities for kids, mingling activities for adults and even a Santa or holiday themed guest make a world of difference.

Also from ZipRecruiter's article, check out this list of their DO's and DON'Ts for a holiday party:

  • DON’T ask everyone to take a seat and then go one-by-one through the room until everyone has introduced themselves. This is a party mood killer better suited for orientations or company meetings.
  • DO provide low-key conversation starters that allow folks to easily chat each other up. For example, incorporate trivia questions or other games into the decor or table settings. Add a prize for whoever gets the most questions correct to motivate engagement.
  • DON’T encourage people to talk about work.
  • DO provide comfortable, open seating areas where folks can easily rest, eat, and talk, especially at the beginning of the party. Make sure these areas are located near the main action so no one feels anti-social for taking a seat.
  • DON’T go overboard and treat the party like a board meeting with an itinerary.
  • DO set up a photobooth with unique props that gesture towards company “inside” jokes. Let people take as many photos with as many people as they want; this will let outgoing employees invite more reserved people to take photos with them, which will get more people engaged.
  • DON’T plan activities that encourage people to get as drunk as possible. Maybe everyone loves karaoke, but suggesting that folks go to a karaoke bar after the party is a better idea than hosting karaoke at the party itself.
  • DO arrange for transportation for employees to get home safely, or make it easy for folks to call an Uber or cab so that they can choose to enjoy a cocktail or two, worry-free.
  • DO keep the variety of tastes, dietary restrictions, and comfort levels of all of your employees in mind. Remember: not everyone drinks alcohol or eats meat or has kids. Always provide entertainment and dietary alternatives so that everyone feels included.
  • Most importantly, DO plan your party to fit your business and your employees.! Need to cut down on costs? Consider a holiday luncheon or brunch. Do most of your employees have children? Consider having the party in a venue that provides activities for kids. Work in retail or another industry that is at its busiest in December? Have the party in January. Employees are more likely to enjoy themselves at an event that fits with their lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and we look forward to the opportunity to serve your next event!

(Infographic by TriNet)