Let’s Make Cilantro Lime Chicken!

Let’s Make Cilantro Lime Chicken!

Colin Kennedy

Not only can you order a delicious Cilantro Lime Chicken package from us, but we at Tasty Table Catering are here to bring you a quick instruction on how to make it yourself! For the fifth installment of our video series, we’re laying out the instructions you need to prepare yourself and your loved ones a delicious entree that’s sure to tantalize tastebuds. 


This recipe focuses on two main steps: Preparing the chicken and preparing the marinade. The chicken is rather simple: Defrost your chicken breasts, cutlets or otherwise. Season as desired, then cover your chicken in flour and toss into a well-oiled pan. The chicken should be cooked evenly on both sides, with attention paid to the consistency of browning. Once they’ve reached a golden brown (or your desired color) than take them off the pan and place somewhere to keep warm.

Second, perhaps the most important part, is the creation of the marinade. Into a second pan set on high, you’ll want to combine chicken stock, lime juice, and cilantro. Stirring these ingredients, a boil should begin to brew. You’ll then want to add cornstarch slurry, which is a mixture of cold liquid and cornstarch. This is used as a thickening agent, which will work effectively to turn our ingredients into a sauce. Feel free to season to taste for best results: Red pepper flakes, garlic or cumin all make great additional seasonings for more flavors. Let the ingredients boil, stirring frequently, and then add about a half stick of butter. Once the ingredients have formed a creamy mixture, you’re safe to turn down the heat.

Finally, pour the marinade mixture over the chicken in a safe pan and reheat your chicken as needed. That’s it! Serve with your choice of side… we recommend cilantro rice and seasoned string beans.